Most of my code is written in Python. Everything from my Ph.D was in Python as were all the scripts I wrote while working at the ING on La Palma. Nothing has changed now that I am at Warwick. Around mid-2015 I began embracing the power of version control (using Git) and I am slowly going back through all my projects, creating repositories and pushing them to GitHub. I am tidying up and documenting those that can be made public. My plan for this page is to highlight anything I found interesting when coding a particular problem in Python, plus links to my public repositories. The python modules I mainly use are:

Numpy, Matplotlib and IPython are all part of the SciPy mathematical ecosystem. Astropy acts like astronomy glue allowing interactivity between lots of existing astronomy codes. It includes FITS handling, space and time systems plus much more. PyEphem provides astronomical computations in Python. It is based the powerful XEphem code. PyMySQL is (as the name suggests) a python interface to MySQL databases. Several Python interfaces to SQL databases exist, I picked this one first and it seems to do the job for what I need. Pyro4 is a library that enables Python objects to communicate over a network. This is useful if you have scripts running on different servers that need to be aware of one another.

Below is a summary of my public activity on GitHub for the past year. I will add snippets and Python tips here over time.

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