When I began working on NGTS at Warwick one of my tasks was to develop a webpage to monitor the observatory. Through trial and error (and now a slightly more methodical approach) I am brushing up on the skills and techniques required to create interactive and (most importantly?) pretty websites. Hence this personal project of my own website. So far I have mainly been using:

HTML is what is used to generate the content of a website. This text is written in HTML. CSS is what gives the content its appearance. For example the font colour/size or the background colour of the header bar at the top. Javascript is the programming language of HTML and the web. It can be used to make websites interactive. For example, clicking buttons to submit a form. JQuery is a powerful Javascript wrapper that enables easier Javascript coding. PHP is another scripting language for web development. I mainly use PHP for database interaction and form handling.

Below is a summary of my public activity on GitHub for the past year. I will add snippets and web development tips here over time.

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